FasterCI for GitHub Actions

FasterCI offers a fast and cost efficient runners optimized to run GitHub Actions workflows. It is a drop-in replacement for GitHub-hosted runners and self-hosted runners.

Traditionally, there are two ways to run GitHub Actions CI/CD workflows:

  • GitHub-hosted runners
  • Self-hosted runners

GitHub-hosted runners are provided by GitHub and they require very little maintenance. However, they are not customizable and they are not cost efficient. Self-hosted runners are provided by the user. They are more flexible and customizable, but they require a lot of maintenance, bring security concerns and may not necesserily provide optimal cost benefits since they are typically overprovisioned due to the burstable nature of the build workload.

So here comes FasterCI Ephemeral Runners. They are the best of both worlds. They are hosted and managed by FasterCI and they are cost efficient. They are ephemeral, meaning that they are created on demand and destroyed after the build is finished. The build instances are created in a matter of seconds and they are optimized to run GitHub Actions workflows.

To get started with FasterCI Ephemeral Runners, please check Getting Started page.