Available Ephemeral Runners

Selecting Runner Type

You can select the runner type of the ephemeral runner by setting the runs-on property in the job definition. The following runner types are available:


Name VCPU Memory Disk space¹ Per minute rate
fasterci-medium 2 8GB 15GB $0.004
fasterci-large 4 16GB 30GB $0.008
fasterci-xlarge² 8 32GB 60GB $0.02
fasterci-2xlarge² 16 64GB 120GB $0.04


Name VCPU Memory Disk space¹ Per minute rate
fasterci-arm-medium 2 8GB 15GB $0.004
fasterci-arm-large 4 16GB 30GB $0.008
fasterci-arm-xlarge 8 32GB 60GB $0.02
fasterci-arm-2xlarge 16 64GB 120GB $0.04

¹ Free disk space not including the space required for the operating system and preinstalled components.

² Currently only available for Pro and Advanced plan users.

³ Arm64 runners are currently in Beta, please contact us if interested.