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What We Do

Let developers focus on the code instead of waiting for builds and managing the build infrastructure.

Faster builds

Speed up your build times by using our build infrastructure optimized for Bazel so you can spend less time waiting for builds and more time writing code.

Reduce infrastructure costs

Optimize your cloud costs by leveraging incremental build caching and efficient autoscaling workers.

Reduce maintenance

We take care of the CI infrastructure so you can focus on your code.


Improve visibility into your build process by using our dashboard.

More secure secrets

Restrict your workflow secrets to specific branches to prevent them from being leaked.

Configuration as a code

Keep your CI configuration in your repository so you can version control it.

Pricing plans

Get started for free and upgrade as you grow.



For small teams and opensource projects

  • Public repository
  • Up to 2 active developers
  • Email support
$495 /month
$150 /user/month


For larger teams

  • Public or private repository
  • Persistent workers
  • Up to 4 cores of sustained load
  • Priority support
  • Free Trial for a month

Need more?

We will tailor Faster CI for you

    Everyting in pro, and:

  • Custom repository
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom hardware
  • Unlimited developers
  • Custom simultaneous builds
  • Enterprise support